Summer is Better in the Cold

Out of all of the seasons, summer is the one that I really hate. I used to like it as a kid because I would be out of school and could stay home all day and watch cartoons while eating candy. Now as an adult, all it means for me is just a lot of hot weather and higher energy costs from running the air conditioner a lot. I decided that it was time to get a better summer experience by beating the heat on a vacation. I looked at some Vail luxury rentals to plan for a trip to Colorado.

I chose Colorado as my destination because the temperature was much lower than any of the other places I wanted to go. I thought about Florida, but it was just much too hot. I love the beach and the sand, but the sun just makes everything feel too hot, and I can’t take it when I get sunburn. Even when I put on a lot of sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as possible, it still happens, and I start peeling after a couple of days. The skin coming off makes me feel like some kind of snake that was shedding it’s skin an an old abandoned barn.

After arriving in Colorado, I went to the only place that could make me feel like I was in a cool paradise. I headed stratight for the slopes, put on my skis, and did some runs down the mountain a few times. I just love the feel of snow, even when I fall down after doing a jump and landing the wrong way. Feeling the cool air run past my face as I breeze through the trail is so amazing. I wish I could live there all the time.